Merchantz & Benefitz

We are always on the lookout for sustainably-minded businesses that would like to become part of the zimbo ecosystem by signing up to be a Merchantz or a Benefitz. Read more below and submit your interest.

What are Merchantz?

Our wonderful zimbo users are equipped with their own QR keychains that allow them to scan & register their reuse, track their impact and grow their sustainability score.

“Merchantz” can be any business that allows reusables. The list is long, but some good examples include cafe’s for reusable coffee cups, grocery stores for reusable shopping bags and microbreweries for refillable growlers/kegs.

Once registered, a Merchantz will receive a unique QR code that is displayed near their register. zimbo users grow their sustainability score much faster by scanning Merchantz QR codes than a keychain QR, as the reuse is verified.

The added bonus for Merchantz, is that you can now measure the total environmental impact your store is creating, since the QR is unique to you.

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What are Benefitz?

We’re constantly on the lookout for businesses that would like to target a more sustainable customer base.

A “Benefitz” is any business that is interested in offering unique discounts and offers to zimbo users based on their personal sustainability score.

Benefitz can be a business of any type, providing any product or service. In order to qualify, a business must have at least some measure of sustainable practices in place.

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Merchantz & Benefitz Application