How zimbo started

As much as we'd love our story to start with two programmers in a garage, passionate about sustainability

and making a sadly does not.

It was just like any other day. 8 hours at the office, 45 minutes in traffic and a quick stop at the supermarket on his way home. Then after unpacking, as Rhys went to add yet another reusable bag to his growing pile, he thought, "surely this is creating a bigger problem than it's attempting to solve". And it was! A few quick searches online and Rhys began to realise the tremendous environmental damage his unwanted collection was having. After some guilty self reflection, another realisation followed; that if just one person can create so much damage, then one person can also make just as big an impact for good!

That moment began the journey of an idea that would grow into zimbo. The notion that if every person could easily track the positive impact that their simple & sustainable habits have (and benefit from doing so), then they would be far more likely to adopt those habits. zimbo was thus developed to make personal sustainability appealing, easy and rewarding.

Meet the Team

Rhys, Co-founder


Despite his active pursuit to live more sustainably now, Rhys was a serial offender of careless habits.

In Rhys' words "When it comes to sustainability, up until relatively recently, I probably fell into the same bucket that 70%-80% of people do. But when I realised the impact that even the simplest of habits can have, I decided to make a change."

Leah, Co-founder


By no means an expert, right from her Uni days, Leah was fascinated with consumer behaviour and what influences it. After seeing so much needless waste in the lifestyles of most individuals (including her own), Leah embarked on a journey to learn and understand what could be done to influence personal habits for good.

“The thought of being more sustainable felt overwhelming. I assumed that if I couldn’t make major lifestyle changes, I wouldn’t really make any difference – but I was wrong! I found that keeping it simple and improving even just a few of my daily habits made a big difference. I wanted to be able to measure and track my impact as easily as possible, and If I could find a way to do so, I knew it could help many others who felt the same as I did.”




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